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beer trailer

Rent Our Beverage Trailer

Perfect fit to accommodate beverages for your large gatherings (weddings, graduations, parties, etc.), we make it easy for you. Our associates will fill the trailer to your events specifications. We will even deliver and pick up the trailer anywhere in Sheboygan County free of charge. If your event location is outside of Sheboygan County there will be a gas fee.

beer tap

Rent Our Beverage Trailer in Sheboygan Only

  • Non-refundable fee of $350.00 per day and $175.00 each additional day
  • CO2 is $2.50 per barrel tapped
  • Trailers plug into a regular 110 outlet, 15 amps, with a 100 foot cord
  • Tap handles are located on the left side of the trailer with 3-4 taps per trailer
  • Trailers come with a locking rear door

Trailer Sizes:

  • Small: Holds 8 Barrels
  • Medium: Holds 12 Barrels
  • Large: Holds 20 Barrels

Drink Servings

Barrel SizeOunces Per Barrel12 oz Cups Per Barrel
Barrel Size1/6Ounces Per Barrel672 oz12 oz Cups Per Barrel56
Barrel Size1/4Ounces Per Barrel992 oz12 oz Cups Per Barrel83
Barrel Size1/2Ounces Per Barrel1,984 oz12 oz Cups Per Barrel165
Wine & Champagne
Bottle SizeOunces Per BottleNumber of 5 oz Servings
Bottle Size750 mLOunces Per Bottle25.4 ozNumber of 5 oz Servings5
Bottle Size1 LiterOunces Per Bottle33.8 ozNumber of 5 oz Servings6
Bottle Size1.5 LiterOunces Per Bottle50.7 ozNumber of 5 oz Servings10
Bottle SizeOunces Per BottleNumber of 1.5 oz Shots
Bottle Size750 mLOunces Per Bottle25.4 ozNumber of 1.5 oz Shots16
Bottle Size1 LiterOunces Per Bottle33.8 ozNumber of 1.5 oz Shots22
Bottle Size1.75 LiterOunces Per Bottle59.2 ozNumber of 1.5 oz Shots39
women laughing with wine

General Rules

Most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour of your event and one drink during each following hour. When planning an event serving wine, beer and spirits, the general rule of thumb is that:

  • 50% will prefer WINE
  • 30% will prefer BEER
  • 20% will prefer MIXED DRINKS

If you do not anticipate serving mixed drinks at your event, then you should plan on 60% of your guests consuming wine and 40% beer.

Metric System Conversions
Equivalent U.S. OuncesLiters
Equivalent U.S. Ounces8.46Liters .250
Equivalent U.S. Ounces12.68Liters .375
Equivalent U.S. Ounces16.91Liters .500
Equivalent U.S. Ounces25.36Liters .750
Equivalent U.S. Ounces33.82Liters 1.000
Equivalent U.S. Ounces50.72Liters 1.500
Equivalent U.S. Ounces67.64Liters 2.000
Equivalent U.S. Ounces101.44Liters 3.000
Equivalent U.S. Ounces135.28Liters 4.000
Cooking Conversions
CupFluid OuncesTablespoonTeaspoon
Cup1 CFluid Ounces8 ozTablespoon16 TbspTeaspoon48 tsp
Cup3/4 CFluid Ounces6 ozTablespoon12 TbspTeaspoon36 tsp
Cup2/3 CFluid Ounces5 ozTablespoon11 TbspTeaspoon32 tsp
Cup1/2 CFluid Ounces4 ozTablespoon8 TbspTeaspoon24 tsp
Cup1/3 CFluid Ounces3 ozTablespoon5 TbspTeaspoon16 tsp
Cup1/4 CFluid Ounces2 ozTablespoon4 TbspTeaspoon12 tsp
Cup1/8 CFluid Ounces1 ozTablespoon2 TbspTeaspoon6 tsp
Cup1/16 CFluid Ounces1/2 ozTablespoon1 TbspTeaspoon3 tsp
Measure1/4 tspMilliliters1.2 mL
Measure1/2 tspMilliliters2.5 mL
Measure1 tspMilliliters4.9 mL
Measure1 TbspMilliliters1.8 mL
Measure1 JiggerMilliliters44.4 mL
Measure1/4 CMilliliters59.2 mL
Measure1/3 CMilliliters78.9 mL
Measure1/2 CMilliliters118.4 mL
Measure2/3 CMilliliters157.7 mL
Measure3/4 CMilliliters177.5 mL
Measure1 CMilliliters236.8 mL
Measure1 PintMilliliters473.6 mL
Measure1 QuartMilliliters947.2 mL
Measure1 LiterMilliliters1000 mL

Let’s Get the Party Started!